A research platform like no other.

Combining the focus of materiality with
the disclosure analytics that give you an edge.

In a marketplace saturated with sustainability information, it’s hard to know what really matters—which issues will drive performance and impact the bottom line.

SASB sharpens the focus. With SASB’s industry-specific standards, identify what’s material and most likely to create or destroy value.

Gain actionable information not available anywhere else, including evidence, industry performance data, topic alerts, and disclosure analysis for 4,000+ publicly listed companies, with a convenient benchmarking dashboard.

Identify priority issues, enrich your analysis, and improve your results.


Disclosure Intelligence

Analyze corporate disclosure quality
for 4,300+ public filings


Examine industry statistics
for SASB metrics


Dig into evidence making the
case for financial impact

My Alerts

Receive topic alerts to stay informed on emerging
evidence by topic and industry


Browse SASB standards to see
disclosure topics for 79 industries


Asset Owners

  • Develop investment strategies
  • Understand risks and opportunities embedded in your portfolio
  • Better engage with managers and portfolio companies

Asset Managers

  • Examine sustainability issues and form investment hypotheses
  • Stay on top of emerging trends
  • Identify where there is poor disclosure and additional risk

Corporate Professionals

  • Identify, measure and manage the sustainability issues that drive value for your business
  • See how you compare with industry peers on performance and disclosure

Service Providers

  • Help clients understand the link to financial value
  • Benchmark clients against industry peers
  • See examples of high-quality disclosure that your clients may want to consider


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